Variable Frequency Drives

A Variable Frequency Drive (hereafter referred to as a VFD) is a power device that converts fixed frequency/fixed voltage to variable frequency/variable voltage used to power and control pumps & motors.

The primary function of a VFD in a pool or other aquatic environment is to provide energy savings! This is accomplished by controlling the speed of pumps or motors rather than trying to control flow through throttling valves—thereby reducing the changes or swings in pressure that can otherwise occur. In addition to substantial energy savings, operating costs are lower. Because the pump is not subjected to excessive pressure or higher operating speeds--‘wear & tear’ on the pump, bearings, and seals is less, so the components last longer and (usually) require less maintenance.

VFD’s can also be used to facilitate a so-called ‘soft start’. ‘Soft Starts’ are commonly used to ease the startup process & reduce risk to equipment. In various pump applications, there is a risk of power surges. By using a VFD as a ‘soft starter’, the electrical current can be fed to the motor in a gradual (increasing) progression, thereby reducing the risk of a power surge-and likely increasing the overall useful life of the motor(s).

In summary, the Filtrex VFD package is a fully integrated, customized and pre-programmed system specifically designed to work in conjunction the Filtrex Filter you’ve chosen--and our Mod 1 SSC filter controller. Easy-to-install, Filtrex systems with our VFD are ‘plug & play’—and will give you and your facility years of worry-free, energy saving performance.

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